Why do I need a blog page on my website?

5 Top Reasons for getting your blog on

Why Do I Need a Blog Page? 5 Top Reasons for Getting your blog on.

If you think you’re too busy running your business to blog about it, read on! From boosting your online presence to helping you find and build your brand voice, there are oodles of excellent reasons to blog.


“But do I really need to have a blog page? I have enough to do!” I hear you whine, gesturing at your crammed to-do list, and looking at me like I’m a crazy person.

As a small to medium business owner, you’re busy, and that’s great. This is what you wanted, right? To be your own boss and work on something you believe in, wholeheartedly. You’re busy growing your business by doing all the things you love - and this is precisely why you need to have a regular blog page.

When you’re at your busiest, this is the time for you to post regular articles that showcase your product, service, or team. You can write about literally anything you’re doing in or around your business – the busier you are, the more you have to write about!

*Spoiler Alert* You don’t even have to write your blogs yourself, but more about that later…

So, grab a coffee and let’s dig in. Here are the top reasons why you should have a blog page on your website.

Regular posts on your website will let Google know you mean business!

The main purpose of your website is to get search engines to notice you and posting new content on a regular basis is an effective way to do this. Why? Put it this way: every new blog you post gives you opportunities to include the phrases or words people are searching for.

The content or writing on each of your web pages remains static – it’s not something you refresh frequently – and so too do the keywords or phrases on each page.

By including a blog page on your website, you create opportunities for fresh new keywords and phrases, which will help customers find you in online searches. The more blogs you post, the more visible you will be because those regular posts are going to showcase the solutions you have to offer your prospective customers.

Blog posts are one of the most effective tools you can use to edge out your competition because it helps boost your site ranking and increases indexing, which is all good for you.

Regular blogs keep you top of mind

Blogs are a great way to keep your customers - current and future – updated on what you’re doing. Sure, you may already be doing this on social media, but blogs give you a chance to post long-form content, (articles between 500 – 1000 words) which gives you the opportunity to go into more detail and entice your online viewers to click through to other pages on your website.

This is your chance to show online viewers what you do, and more importantly, why they need you. For example, if you’re a builder who has just completed a demanding build, you need to let the people know about it! Blogs give you the time to really get into the detail of the build, the challenges you faced and how you solved them. It seems as though there are hurdles at every turn with new builds, so you need to blog about why you are good at tackling these hurdles.

Blogs help establish your brand voice

Having a great brand voice is essential, especially when there are so many other competitors to stand out from. So, for those of you who are on the fence about having a blog page, writing them can help you really dig in to what your brand voice sounds like.

Whether you developed your brand voice with a marketing agency, or whether you created it yourself, blogs can help you expand on that voice.

But how often do I have to post blogs?

Don’t panic. The key to making the most of your blog page is to be regular, rather than prolific. Decide on how often you want to post and set up a blog schedule in your calendar. Monthly blogs are regular enough, but you must stick to it! If you find you have more to blog about, you can increase it to 2 or more blogs per month. Whatever you choose, make it achievable!

Want to write blogs yourself, but need an expert eye?

No problem! Some content writers, like me, offer a proofreading service for people who love writing their own blogs but are uncertain about how to make sure it includes original, Search Engine Optimised (SEO) text, has the correct structure and looks good on the page, is engaging and interesting to read, to name a few things. You can read more on my services page.

Get an expert to write your blogs for you

Now, as I promised in the intro, you don’t have to write blogs yourself.

Of course, if you love writing and especially enjoy writing about your business, then absolutely write them yourself! However, if you’re like the many, many solopreneurs and SME business owners who feel too stretched already, you can hire a freelance writer to write them for you. Let’s face it, if you need a haircut, you don’t do it yourself. Sometimes, it’s best to leave things to the experts.

Blog takeaways

There you have it. Blogging is not just something for food lovers or arts and crafters; it’s an essential tool to have in your business owners’ kit. It can help build your brand voice, boost your rankings, get you noticed by the right people, and they’re a chance to create a bond with your online viewers.

So ask yourself this: Why wouldn’t I have a blog page on my website?

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